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Using Resin with Moulds

Using resin to make moulds is super fast and easy! I purchased a resin kit at a local craft store, the kind that sets up in 10 minutes. There are different kinds available by this brand, this one is the white resin. It comes with 3 cups and 2 stirring sticks.

The resin has to be mixed, and there are two liquids you will be mixing. The process is very easy, but be sure to wear gloves as the resin will stay on your hands otherwise. (I learned this the hard way lol). You don’t need to prep the mould with cornstarch as some do with the air dried clay.

Getting Started…

Once you are gloved up, pour equal amounts of each of the two liquids into the cups provided in the kit.

You will need to have a paper cup on hand to pour the two liquids into. This does not come in the kit.

The directions say not to use a foam cup.

Mixing the Resin

I poured 25 ml into each cup and then mixed them in the red solo cup. It is important to get an equal amount of each liquid otherwise it won’t cure correctly.

The liquid gets cloudy for a minute and while you are stirring it clears up. Then you are ready to pour it into the moulds. When it’s first poured in the mould it will be clear, but it gradually will turn white as you see in the photo.

The resin will be sticky if its mixed wrong or if it hasn’t finished setting up. Give it the full 10 minutes to cure.

Once it’s completely white and hardened you can remove it from the moulds. The resin heats up while curing so it may still be slightly warm to the touch.

Paint & Decorate

Once you remove the shapes from the moulds, you can paint and decorate. The resin comes out easy from the moulds. If you have overfilled the mould slightly you can trim the edges with an exacto knife.

I painted these cute little snowflakes with a white chalk paint and sprinkled a little glitter on while the paint was still wet. The resin shapes can be glued and you can also drill a little hole in them if you want to make them ornaments.

These snowflakes I made were hot glued to ribbon on mason jars for my coffee/cocoa bar.

If you have any questions about IOD moulds and resin please let me know!