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Turning an antique vanity into nightstands

I loved the Waterfall shape of this antique vanity and decided to purchase it. But when I got it home, I wasn’t sure at all what to do with it.

I could see the opening was really too low for a chair or even a stool to fit underneath it, making it not very functional for applying makeup.

Fortunately my husband was able to hammer it apart!

I remembered though that I had been wanting to make nightstands out of a vanity and hoped that it would be a good candidate for it. (I definitely should have checked for this before I purchased it).

Fortunately my husband was able to hammer it apart!

Some antique vanities can pull apart easily…

In this piece’s case it came apart – but there were two holes on the inside of each “side” that needed to be filled.

Wood & Glue

I inserted a small piece of wood into each hole to fill them, glued them & then filled around that with wood filler.

After that the original paint had to be sanded.

I decided to apply a white primer , and then painted several coats of paint in Fluff by Dixie Belle. After applying a water based sealer I used a combination of two furniture transfers by Iron Orchid Designs to add more color and design.

I was happy with the final results!

I think they will be very functional as nightstands!