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Tips for applying furniture transfers

Applying a furniture transfer can really change the appearance of the piece you are working with. A transfer can add character, charm and interest to create a unique look!

This vintage trunk I purchased at a thrift shop was a little plain , so after painting I knew I wanted to use a transfer.

Here is a before and after of the trunk with the transfer and paint applied.

I think the transfer made a big difference in the charm of the trunk!

If you are thinking of trying a transfer on a piece here are some quick tips for a smooth application.

Clean your furniture well

Clean your furniture well, wipe off dust and residue/waxes. Let dry. If freshly painted apply a clear , water based sealer before applying the transfer. (This is an important step for good adherence).

Using painters tape, position your transfer on the furniture until you are certain where you want to apply it. (Cut your transfer if desired to fit your piece). I like to take a few photos of the transfer while taped to the furniture before I commit to the location.

Once your location is determined, remove the backing of the transfer and smooth it on slowly. Using the tool that comes with each transfer, rub the image on, starting on one side and working your way over the whole transfer. (The transfer will become slightly opaque when adhered)

Afterwards take a clean soft cloth to the transfer and softly rub it to burnish it to the piece. Seal the transfer with a water based sealer. You can then use wax over the sealer if desired. I often use a dark wax to “age” a transfer, and you can also sand it lightly for a distressed look.

If you have any questions on applying furniture transfers, please let me know!

Products used on this piece

Dixie Belle Flat Water Based Sealer

Iron Orchid Design Storrs and Harrison Transfer