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Decorating with Vintage Furniture & Decor

Adding a few vintage items into a room will transform your space, providing warmth and charm and often a wow factor.

Vintage and antique furniture have unique characteristics such as wood carvings, beautiful hardware and quality craftsmanship.

Here are a few tips…

It is not surprising that the demand for vintage and antique painted furniture is increasing and many people are looking to add these pieces to enhance their homes. Sometimes though; its hard to visualize how to incorporate them into your space.

Here are a few tips to start to add vintage furniture and decor into your home.

Start with function

One way to bring in vintage charm is to add in a few larger “statement” furniture pieces in your rooms, that will also be functional for the space. Some ideas are a vintage dresser in a bedroom, an antique buffet in the dining room or a vintage sideboard in the family room as a media cabinet.

Add in a few additional smaller vintage items that have significance to you, the space and your home, such as a pair of vintage candlesticks on the buffet or a cluster of antique frames on the dresser.

Choose a Color Theme

If your redecorating the space, choose the main colors and then add in a few accent colors that you love. One method used is the 60-30-10 rule for colors. You might for example choose a base neutral cream/tan as the main color (60%) with accents of dark blues (30%) and an interest color of turquoise (10%) . Spread your colors through the room in your artwork, pillows, throws, lamp shades, rugs ,etc. Draw in these colors with your vintage selections as well.

If you already have a vintage piece or find one needing a refinish, you can update it with paint to blend better in your space. Or paint it a contrasting color and make it pop (see below). Almost anything can be painted!

Make your vintage “find” the rooms focal point

Vintage pieces can add interest and become great conversation starters for your guests. They can blend with modern decor as well, adding in a sense of history. Making them a focal point in a room can be accomplished with contrast such as painting the piece a color that will stand out in the room. You can also add interest and draw in the eye in by placing a large mirror or a cool architectural item over the piece.

There is no set rule on creating your space with painted furniture and vintage items. Be creative and make changes to suit the room, your taste and style and come home to a beautiful, uplifting space that you love.